Matcha Rocks

Green Tea Soya with Red Bean + Green Tea Ice Cream

Open Sesame!

Black Sesame with Soya Milk + Sesame Ice Cream

Teh Tarik Fantasia

Pappa Teh Ice + Teh Tarik Ice Cream


D01. Longan Milk Honey (Iced)

D02. Lycee Soda (Iced)

D03. Lychee Cincau

D04. Red Bean (Iced)

D05. Red bean + Cendol (Iced)

D06. Barley Lime (Hot)

D07. Barley Lim (Iced)

D08. Barley Cincau (Iced)

D09. Soya Milk Cendol (Iced)

D10. Soya Milk Cendol + Red Bean(Iced)

D11. Soya Milk Cendol + Cincau (Iced)

D12. Soya Milk Cincau (Iced)

D13. Soya Milk + Sesame Ice Cream (Iced)

D14. Soya Milk Jelly (Iced)

D15. Soya Milk Pudding (Iced)

D16. Soya Milk Pudding + Cincau (Iced)

D17. Organic Soya Milk (Iced)

D18. Organic Soya Milk (Hot)

D19. Fresh Lemon Honey (Iced)

D20. Fresh Lemon Honey (Hot)

D21. Lemon Tea (Iced)

D22. lemon Tea with Honey ( Hot)

D23. Barley (Hot)

D24. Barley (Iced)

D25. Coke

D26. 100 Plus

D27. Mineral Water

D28. 1 Pot of Chinese Tea

D29. Coffee (Hot )

D30. Coffee (Big)

D31. Coffee O (Hot)

D32. Coffee O (Big)

D33. Pappa Cham (Hot)

D34. Pappa Cham (Big)

D35. Teh (Hot)

D36. Teh (Big)

D37. Pappa White Coffee (Hot)

D38. Cappuccino (Hot)

D39. Coffee Cham Milo (Hot)

D40. Coffee Cham Milo (Cold)

D41. Coffee (Iced)

D42. Pappa White Coffee (Iced)

D43. Pappa Cham (Iced)

D44. Teh (Iced)

D45. Mil Dinosaur (Iced)

D46. Chocolate (Iced)

D47. Chocolate (Hot)

D48. Cappuccino (Iced)

D49. Pappa Mocha (Iced)

D50. Pappa Mocha + Ice Cream (Iced)

D51. Pappa White Coffee + Jelly (Iced)

D52. Teh + Jelly (Iced)

D53. Pappa Cham Jelly (Iced)

D54. Teh O (Hot)

D55. Teh O (Iced)

D56. Teh O (Big

D57. Teh C (Hot)

D58. Teh C (Iced)

D59. Teh C (Big)

D60. Milo (Hot)

D61. Milo (Iced)

D62. Milo (Big)

D63. Coffee O (Iced)


Pappa 100+ Energy Booster

A multi-fruit energy booster packed with all the natural goodness that fruit provide. Complete with 51 nutrients, rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant.

Fresh Juices

- Watermelon

- Apple

- Carrot

- Orange

- Pineapple

Herbal Tea

A refreshing and fragrant herbal tea infusion that is naturally caffeine-free.

- Herbal Tea with Honey (Hot)

- Herbal Tea with Honey (Iced)